Headquarters: Karachi, Pakistan
Bio: BizByte is a digital media company disrupting news consumption by providing unconventional business content in a byte-sized fashion.
Founders: Shahryar Bachani Anique Thaplawala Usama Azeem Faizan Athar
Category: Media/news

Company Details

Founded: 1st February, 2017

Growing up in Pakistan, as the Internet quickly became a part of our lives and technology changed our lives forever, we saw the physical newspaper become obsolete. As online news consumption increased, we noticed that there weren’t any go to digital media outlets or platforms that provided local and global business content. An opportunity arose for the entrepreneurs within us.. However after discussing with friends & family, we soon realized three things: Reading the news is time consuming; Wanting to read the news is a hobby; lastly, not everyone has the time or interest. BizByte was created to solve both these problems: by not only providing our audience a platform where they can consume all aggregated business content but saving them a ton of time by providing it in a byte-sized manner.

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Last updated on 31st Jul 2017