Fori Mazdoori


Headquarters: Islamabad, Pakistan
Bio: @forimazdoori helps connect the non-tech-savvy blue-collared workers with potential employers by making them searchable through apps,web&SMS
Founders: Musstanser Tinauli
Category: service, software

Company Details

Founded: 10th January, 2014

In an era of urbanization of everything weather looking for places to stay, deciding upon a movie to watch or while finding a ride – We have a solution in AirBnB, IMDB or Uber. However, in world’s most populated region (South-Asia), finding a quality labour still remains a daunting task. Fori-Mazdoori solves the pain of finding a quality-labour by bringing the blue-collared-workers onto the Internet. Fori Mazdoori together with the vast telecom-retailer-network is setting up registration points where workers can walk-in and request registration into FM-database. Once registered potential-employers are able to search peer-rated workers based on a skill-set near them.

Funding Rounds

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Last updated on 31st Aug 2016