Headquarters: Karachi, Pakistan
Bio: Grit 3D is a leading 3D printing platform which is improving clinical and academic practices
Founders: Rabi Imran Asad Jabbar
Category: 3D Printing, Prosthetics, Medical Devices, 3D Modelling

Company Details

Founded: 1st January, 2016

Grit 3D is a leading additive manufacturing company that uses emerging 3D printing technology for rapid product development to improve the medical and academics practices. • The company makes functional 3D printed prosthetics for disable People • Provide 3D models to Surgeons for Pre-Surgical planning • Promote the effective use of 3D printing technology-adding value to human life • Providing 3D printing services for research and development purposes

Funding Rounds

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Last updated on 22nd Apr 2017