Headquarters: Karachi, Pakistan
Bio: Jobistaan, a name that goes for a nation of job opportunities for talented job seekers.
Founders: Muhammad Aamir Ahmer
Category: Website

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Founded: 10th June, 2016

Jobistaan (a subsidiary of Oarce), a name that represents professional success of those who strive upon struggle. At Jobistaan, we say “With one good opportunity, you nourish a great talent”. However, in a time of greater competencies, Jobistaan provides an easy yet effective way of standing out in the crowd with your talent and abilities. Jobistaan also provides a trust that everyone can recognize through our dedicated state of the art structure that is available throughout to serve and administer. Jobistaan being a specially designed Job Portal for the talented job seekers in Pakistan wishes to accompany a formal routine of not just to seek jobs, but to grow with us as lively member. The makers of Jobistaan are proud to present the research of changing the Job Portal experience by focusing on quality HR circulation among most of the big corporate sectors and famous clients. Hence the amplified process gives Jobistaan users the best results. Opportunities and Talent are two pillars of this firm, and the core targets and Jobistaan has opportunities and talents for everyone out there. Because at Jobistaan, we develop Talent with Opportunities.

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