Headquarters: Islamabad, Pakistan
Bio: MDFRONTS is a leading telehealth provider of online and on-demand healthcare delivery services and software.
Founders: Waqas Zahoor
Category: Telehealth, Software

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Founded: 1st January, 2017

When you got to the doctor you want a compassionate expert who understands exactly what’s wrong and can thoroughly explain, what’s happening why it’s happening in which treatments are best for you. Unfortunately, that’s not the experience many patients have too often doctors are rushed and distracted with no time to explain, and visiting multiple physicians can result in different opinions this frantic environment leaves patients feeling uncertain about their diagnosis. There’s a better way to get a doctor’s care and attention it’s called telehealth and it’s the future of healthcare delivery. MD Fronts is the delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies, MD Fronts platform offers you secure private and in-depth sessions with highly qualified and experienced doctors from the best teaching hospitals in the Pakistan. MD Fronts offer one-to-one sessions where doctors can take their time to listen to your problems answer your questions and address your concerns. MD Fronts comes with a slew of other benefits you’ll save time and have more privacy by seeing your doctor from the comfort of your home you’ll be consulting with the most qualified physicians in the Pakistan and your medical information will be protected securely by our platforms.

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Last updated on 21st Feb 2017