Headquarters: Karachi, Pakistan
Bio: Messiah is an android based Emergency Alert Messenger. Use it and feel safe.
Founders: Mubassir Hayat, Ebtihaj Khan , Haroon Baig , Zahid Ali
Category: Apps

Company Details

Founded: 31st January, 2014

Messiah is a civic startup which has a citizen-centric support model. Messiah is an emergency first responder app designed to relay distress signal for the user in the case of an accident or emergency. Messiah relies on a community of Users (Samaritans) Which help each other in the case of emergencies. Messiah started off as a civic app in featured in the Peshawar Fellowship program.Messiah's mission is to make cities safer and use ICT technologies to Respond to Emergencies in the shortest time possible. Messiah is a community effort which allows you to be an active part of the community and become a good Samaritan by helping those who may be in distress. It is an android app that can tells your loved ones about your location when you are in distress or danger. In case of an accident if a person is unconscious, the app's accident detection mode detects and lets the relatives know about the place of the accident automatically. The community of Samaritans (Messiahs) are ready to help you whenever you need help.

Funding Rounds

Date Amount / Round Valuation Investors
May, 2015 undisclosed amount / Seed Shubber Ali Kash Rehman Oasis 500 (Company)
Last updated on 2nd Aug 2016