Headquarters: Karachi, Pakistan
Bio: ModulusTech is revolutionizing affordable housing through an innovative flat-pack housing design that can be assembled in 3 hours.
Founders: Nabeel Siddiqui Yaseen Khalid M. Saquib
Category: Hardware

Company Details

Founded: 1st January, 2016

ModulusTech makes flat-packed houses that are extremely cost effective and can be assembled in as little as three hours. The houses come with all utilities integrated, whilst being able to bear harsh climates, earthquakes and cyclones. Making them a perfect solution for large scale migration in cases of refugees, fast track labor colonies to help mobilize teams as soon as possible, and an emergency response shelter to help resettle and provide safety to inhabitants. Hence, whenever there is a large influx of people in an area in a short span of time, ModulusTech helos provide a feasible housing solution and build large scale colonies within a month.

Funding Rounds

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Last updated on 24th Apr 2017