Project 50 Kids


Headquarters: Lahore, Pakistan
Bio: We work on making students from low cost schools in Pakistan digitally literacy along with focusing on creativity & critical thinking skills
Founders: Yahya Ali
Category: Education and Technology

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Founded: 1st January, 2015

Project 50 Kids is an initiative taken by university students in Lahore which envisions making technology accessible to every child par all sorts of discrimination BUT in its true sense. Children at a very early age need to understand the actual power technology beholds. We need to make self-exploratory learning second nature to our youth in order to see our future generations excel at an international level. Project 50 Kids reaches out to students from low-cost public and private schools with the intention of making them digitally literate while enhancing their thought processes’ by helping them unearth their creativity and develop critical thinking skills.

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Last updated on 24th Aug 2016