Shaykh Chilli


Headquarters: Lahore, Pakistan
Bio: Shaykh Chilli is a strategy house that uses a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving.
Founders: Zara Arshad Gohar Iqbal
Category: Consulting, Marketing and Branding

Company Details

Founded: 11th February, 2015

At Shaykh Chilli we apply all that we know from the arts and sciences, to help organisations overcome business development challenges. We only take on projects we believe in (we don’t mind saying no!). We value our creative (every puzzle has only one right answer). We don’t listen to numbers, we listen to people. For the most part we work on projects relating to marketing and branding, although every once in a while we will throw our hat in a completely new ring (just to keep things interesting). Our trophy chest includes NAMAL College Mianwali,, Sonica Jewellers, and we also happen to be the team behind Johnny & Jugnu - the fast food place.

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Last updated on 30th Aug 2016