Squaberry Studios


Headquarters: Islamabad, Pakistan
Bio: An Augmented and Virtual Reality, Gamification and IOT Startup
Founders: Syed Zain Zaidi Syed Sabeeh Zaidi
Category: Services
Website: http://squaberry.com

Company Details

Founded: 1st June, 2015

A technology startup aimed at using the latest in technologies to find creative and innovative solutions to real world problems. Our team is a crazy bunch of Designers, Developers and Coffee Drinkers who love the work they do, or maybe that's just what they tell us. Currently working under the domains of Architectural Visualization, AR/VR, Gamification, Indoor Positioning and Internet of Things, we at Squaberry pride ourselves in using divergent methods to achieve perfection and we're awesome at what we do. We're constantly innovating in fields of: Augmented and Virtual Reality User Experience and Interaction Architectural Visualization Indoor tracking positioning Data Acquisition and Process automation

Funding Rounds

Date Amount / Round Valuation Investors
30th June, 2015 USD 50,000 / Non-Equity Assistance Apollo Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd.


Publication News
Last updated on 21st Feb 2017