Headquarters: Karachi, Pakistan.
Bio: Tapif is Pakistan’s first arcade game community, focused to build a clan of major brands, products and services.
Founders: Syed Amir Ali
Category: Retail
Website: http://www.tapif.pk/

Company Details

Founded: 22nd March, 2017

It’s free to make things free, is a sentence that is hypothetically impossible in a world full of monopolistic and self-claimed democratic businesses. Either way, the consumers will distort a healthy market or the corporate sector will demolish the necessity of loyalty. Both the consumers and business owners will have the same answer to the sentence, nothing is for free in this world. But then Tapif redefines the whole scenario of consumer loyalty and discount schemes through a very intelligent way, through which the production companies and service providers gets a chance to repurpose their marketing goals and consumers are actively fed about the news and vital information about products and services. This is how we have managed to introduce a system of collaborative feed and a virtual arcade game. The team of Oarce, its founders and the very talented architectures have made it possible and named it “Tapif”. Oarce being a self-proclaimed organization, on a mission to bring a change wherever, has introduced its heir as Tapif to be the first and only digital in-game marketing platform in Pakistan.

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Last updated on 20th Jan 2018