Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Bio: The largest prize pools in Fantasy eSports.
Founders: Ali Moiz Murtaza Hussain
Category: Fantasy Sports, eSports, Video Games, Gaming

Company Details

Founded: 1st May, 2011

Vulcun offers the largest prize pools in Fantasy eSports today, allowing gamers to support their favorite pro players and win hundreds of thousands in real money each season. The service is trusted by dozens of Pro players such as Voyboy, Imaqtpie, MandatoryCloud, Westrice and others.

Funding Rounds

Date Amount / Round Valuation Investors
February, 2012 USD 1.3M / Seed USD 8.75M 500 Startups Alex Le Battery Ventures Craig Sherman Heiko Hubertz Jonathan Siegel Kevin Chou Roger Dickey
April, 2015 USD 12M / Series A Naval Ravikant Sequoia Capital
Last updated on 3rd Aug 2016